TouchBasePro has a few legal policies to adhere to when making use of our site and system. By creating an account on TouchBasePro, or by using any of our services, you agree to all of these policies.

Here's a brief overview of each one and what part of TouchBasePro it applies to.

Privacy Policy

This policy covers what we do with the information you share with us, including your personal details, your email/SMS subscribers, and the steps we take to protect your information. Read the policy in full here.

Anti-Spam Policy

This policy covers what we define as Spam, why we don't condone it and what steps we take to prevent Spam from being sent on our system. Read the policy in full here.

Acceptable Use Policy

The AUP is a general policy that covers the activities and behaviour that are unacceptable on our site and system and what action we take against users of TouchBasePro that don't adhere to the AUP. Read the policy in full here.

Refund Policy

The Refund Policy covers what is refundable, what isn't refundable, and why. Read the policy in full here.

Terms and Conditions

These are our standard Terms and Conditions that you agree to when making an account on TouchBasePro. It covers things like customer compliance, pricing and payment, confidential information, breaches to the agreement, legal provisions and so on. Read the policy in full here.

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

If you make a purchase with TouchBasePro, these are the Terms and Conditions that will apply. They cover things like admin fees, credit expiry, and the specific terms that come with having a recurring subscription with TouchBasePro, like cancellation periods and payment terms. Read the policy in full here.

The above documents all form part of your Agreement with us and your Services may be suspended or terminated for breach of any of these Policies. You are responsible for violations by you or anyone using your account, whether authorised by you or not. If you have any questions on any of the policies, please email us on