SMS Mobile Marketing Suite Features

SMS Data Management, Campaign Creation & Reporting Features

  • Import, create, and manage contacts and groups conveniently and easily
  • Send individual text messages or multiple group/contact messages
  • Personalise messages to each and every one of your subscribers using merge fields
  • Run history reports to easily analyse and monitor campaigns
  • Interact with your customers as replies are sent directly to your inbox
  • Easily run SMS competitions

What Is A Shortcode? Why Should You Use One?

A shortcode is a memorable 5 digit number that allows for incoming communication from an otherwise unknown lead. Think of a shortcode as a 5 digit phone number that you can use to effectively gauge the effectiveness of integrated campaigns spanning a wide variety of media, including print, radio, television and digital media.

Short Code Features:

  • Users can alter the response sent in reply to your campaigns

Keywords enable your audience to quickly respond with one-word-answers that enable them to:

  • Place a competition vote
  • Request a call-back
  • Request information or a brochure
  • Vote in competions
  • Receive a promotional code or voucher

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