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23rd November 2022

The TouchBasePro list of Email Marketing Trends for 2023

We’ve dusted off the crystal ball and put together a list of the trends we are seeing for email marketing in 2023 and how to navigate […]
9th November 2022

What are machine clicks and what do they have to do with email?

Have you seen a surprising rise in open and click rates that don’t match a change in marketing incentives? Or maybe you’ve seen a sudden, large […]
26th October 2022

Black Friday 2022: Why the marketing message should be different this year.

Two years after the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, and an almost global lockdown, things are looking a little different for the South African Consumer. So, […]
19th October 2022

ESP Functionality That’s So Often Overlooked, It’s Scary

With us we’ll into the spookiest month of the year, we thought we’d look at something that strikes fear into the hearts of every TouchBasePro employee, […]
5th October 2022
Why Switch to TouchBasePro

Why Switch to TouchBasePro?

Has your email service provider been letting you down lately? Perhaps it’s time to look at a couple of reasons of why it makes perfect sense […]
20th September 2022
TouchBasePro Customer Success Manager

5 Reasons Why You Need a Customer Success Manager

At TouchBasePro, our goal is to make sure you don’t simply use email marketing for the sake of using it; we want to make sure you […]