We will tailor make a strategy unique to your company, and it's specific requirements, to identify critical areas of opportunity. Using marketing automation and email marketing to maximise the ROI of your digital communication.

Your customer success manager will then implement your strategy for you, based on best practices, tailored to your specific objectives.

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An email marketing and digital strategy expert will learn the ins and outs of your business, existing email program and identify your campaign goals.

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We will then analyse and perform an audit of your current marketing and database growth strategy, along with your current email program to identify key areas of improvement.

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We will set up a consultation to review the critical areas of improvement, best practices, examples and how we propose to work alongside your business to win.

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Receive an in-depth guide on the way forward and how we will help create high-value, low-cost ways to achieve your goals, with distinguished benchmarks illustrating tracking and returns.

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The key to email marketing success starts with a healthy database and client list. We will help you through the most effective ways to grow your list, keep subscribers engaged and use segmentation and data enrichment to create more targeted and strategic segments for:

You'll get:

  • Great ways to grow your database
  • Best practice and creation of customer journeys and automated emails
  • Database segmentation based on customer preferences, affinities and interests
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Content Creation

People aren’t always ready to buy or take action off of a single email – they need nurturing. We’ll help you by designing effective emails, with your professional industry input, which go beyond the “hard sell” of pitching your products or services and focuses on using genuinely relevant and useful content to convert everyday subscribers into lifelong brand advocates.

You'll get:

  • Best practice advice and implementation of engaging and relevant content
  • Best practice email layout and creation to create interest and engagement
  • Structured implementation of your copy to entice action and limit spam content
  • Subject line analyzation and personalization of content and images
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Listen to what your audience is telling you through their response and results. We will report on key response and action metrics that help deliver the kind of content your subscribers want, when they want it, including expert A/B content testing.

You'll get:

  • Monthly reports on campaign performance and outcomes
  • Constant feedback on campaign-specific performance
  • Suggestions and improvements to help your marketing team function even more effectively

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