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With our wide range of features, you can create a custom campaign no matter what your niche: restaurant, realtor, small business, rock band, and all the rest!

Email builder
Our online editor makes it easy to create stunning email campaigns in minutes. Just drag and drop your content into the campaign builder.
Get detailed and insightful data. Track opens, clicks, bounces, shares, email client usage, link hotspots and more.
Behavioural campaigns
Communicate, when the time is right. Trigger automatic journeys based on customer behaviour, date anniversaries and more.
Transactional campaigns
System-triggered transactional emails are opened 8x times more than traditional marketing emails. Isn’t it time you leverage the power that comes with these everyday emails that your company sends?
Choose from our gallery of professionally designed templates, or make your own. Your campaign will look great on any device.
Perceptive data at your fingertips. Get drill-down information on your campaign performance with accompanying charts and graphs in one easy to understand report.
Create smart segments and target your customers with super-personalised and super-relevant content.
You can ensure that even your transactional emails are on brand with TouchBasePro’s easy integration. Send highly optimised system emails and get in-depth insights on every email.

Lightning fast response times, with failover protection, monitoring systems and caching services.

PHP and C# wrappers to get up and going with minimal effort. Simple RESTful architecture, JSON data types (as well as XML)

The developer first approach, structured data objects, the way you think the way you work with the data.

Create more scope, expand your system. Automate, integrate personalise and streamline.

Get up and going right now, API keys available in your account. No approval needed.

Get expert technical support and insight on dev related questions. Direct from our dev desk.

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