How often should I email my list?

How often to email a list
Email list frequency recommendations

With email marketing, it’s always a one-size-does-not fit all.


So let me give you some of the things to think about before you set yourself on an email sending frequency of once per month/ week/quarter.

First off, let us think about your industry and customer.

1) Type of customer matters

Are you a business to business company. This relationship has a lower frequency typically, meaning you can’t send too often.  I have worked with some individual cases which generally fall into channel sales of consumables, but apart from those few outlying cases. The general rule of thumb is to keep it to a minimum.

If you speak to end users of a product, IE you consider your company B2C, you immediately move into a higher sending frequency.

2) The changes you make to your offering/ product/service

Saying the same thing over an over and over to the same people is a sure way to get ignored. It’s that simple.

If you have nothing new to say, instead of sending something, have a cup of coffee and do nothing.

So you have something new. Fantastic. A change, a new service, a new offer, a new product, data about the person, a gift, re-engagement content. Awesome. Let us move on.

3) Figure out who is going to be most interested. (Segment)

This is something I get a bit of pushback from when I chat with company owners and sales managers.

The general reason is “Let’s send it to everyone, what happens if it’s interesting to someone we leave out?”

Their logic is entirely sound, correct, in-line with the companies goals.

What they are not aware of, is the impact a boring email has on the email that follows.

So if you send a boring email now, the next email is going to get less attention, the following one even less.

EVEN IF THE THIRD EMAIL IS INTERESTING to the person, they might not notice it.

So instead of getting the one-off sale now, get the consistent sales later. Your relationship and engagement of your audience are the most important for the long-term success of your business. Not just your email marketing.

4) Enrich the data

To take your segmentation to a new level, we enrich your database. We take the email addresses you have provided us, and we go and look on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and we gather additional info about your database. We can then tell you who is more into golf vs beauty spas.

Now you can segment like a boss. Put background images in that make your company similar to their interests. One of the essential persuasion techniques used. Have a look at the other six you could use

5) Send often

So now, you can send often, but each person won’t hear from you that often. You can get the vital message’s out to the right people. So when your team says “when last did we send a newsletter?

Your answer could be “every Tuesday and Thursday”. It’s up to you, your business and the segmentation you can achieve.

Pop me an email or leave a comment below if you would like to chat about your specific needs and challenges you are facing, always happy to help.