3 Ways to Create Unique Email Marketing Content

Unique email marketing content can mean the difference between success and failure in your email campaigns.

I mean sure, we all know it’s important right? It can be pretty tough to build an email marketing campaign without content, but how much thought are you giving to creating unique email marketing content?

Do you put together email marketing campaigns with the singular goal of promoting your products and services? Do you use email content that speaks to your business as a whole and doesn’t have any unique relevance to individual subscribers? Do you build email marketing campaigns based on content that doesn’t take into account previous subscriber behaviour?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you might be in a bit of a content rut. You’d be surprised how often we come across this at TouchBasePro. But never fear, here’s one of our trademark blogs to help you navigate your way to effective email content!


The Importance of Unique Email Marketing Content

1. What are your Email Marketing goals?

Let’s start by looking at the goals of your email campaigns and content. When looking to create unique email marketing content, one of the first things to consider is the goal of that email campaign, what are we trying to achieve? More often than not, the goal is simple, increase ROI. Showcase our product and service offering, and hope that it resonates with our audience.

Now I’m by no means suggesting you stop that approach, increasing ROI is absolutely paramount in effective email marketing, instead I’d like to suggest you “widen the net” of these perceived goals. Your goal should always be “to build engagement with my audience”, anything less is missing the mark.

By putting your audience first and building the relationship and engagement between the audience and the brand, the rest of those dominos will fall in line. You can’t singularly promote your products/services and push your agenda on your audience, it needs to be more reciprocal than that.

You should share info that improves the lives of your audience while also tying into your offering. You should reward engaged audiences with discounts, value adds, and anything else that will help build positive associations with your brand. When you start viewing audience engagement as the goal and generating ROI as a by-product of achieving that goal, you’re going to see results.

Look at the below campaign by Aldo to see what we mean.

Unique Email Marketing Content

2. Personalisation is Key in Email Marketing

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to overhaul your content to promote engagement, you also need to consider the individual subscriber. Whether you have an audience of 500 or 500 000, it’s important not to forget that each member of that audience is an individual. Not another number or statistic, but a person just like you.

In order to create unique email marketing content, keeping personalisation as a priority is key. With that in mind, it’s time to look at ways to tailor content to the individual.

Email marketers often use subscribers’ names when personalising an email campaign, but why not do more? TouchBasePro allows you to include personalised details in email campaigns, with the only limitation being what you know about your audience.

By using this information, you can build tailored email campaigns for birthdays, and anniversaries or even just heighten the level of personalisation across every email campaign.

We can also use functionality like “dynamic content” to display unique sections of an email campaign exclusively to the relevant segments.

What if the next email campaign you send to a subscriber only displays content they’ve shown interest in before, in their favourite colour and on the anniversary of their first engagement with your brand?

Those are the campaigns that convert and those are the kind of campaigns that are possible with TouchBasePro Email Marketing Services Agency.

Look at the below campaign by Brampton Wines to see what we mean.

Unique Email Marketing Content

3. Email Marketing Subscriber Engagement

Lastly, let’s talk about subscriber behaviour. As a full-service email marketing services agency we often say, it’s not about the first email or the 3rd one, it’s about emails 12, 19, 24 and so on. Email marketing is an ongoing dance, a nurturing tool that asks you to understand your audience, take their actions and behaviour into account, and use that info to provide better content.

While you might be talking to a large audience collectively through email, it’s also important to remember that you’re having a lot of one-to-one conversations as well. It might not feel that way to you, but it sure does to the subscriber on the other end.

If you want these one-to-one engagements to pay off, you must pay attention to what your audience tells you. Subscribers that open your email campaigns within an hour of receiving them, versus subscribers who haven’t opened your last 3 campaigns are going to require different approaches and different content to keep them engaged.

By monitoring audience behaviour, utilising functionality like segmentation, automation and unique customer journeys, as well as pursuing re-engagement campaigns for less engaged segments of your audience, you can show your email database that you’re paying attention and their feedback (be it active, or inactive) is being taken into consideration.

While it can be said that there is no single solution or roadmap to a perfect email marketing environment filled to the brim with audience members that constantly generate ROI. By leading with the goal of promoting audience engagement through unique and relevant content, you can be sure that an increase in ROI will not be far behind.

Reach out to our team at TouchBasePro or book a demo, and see how we can help!