Introducing TouchBasePro’s GDPR Compliant Features

Disclaimer: This material is provided for your general information and is not intended to provide legal advice. To understand the full impact of the GDPR on any of your data processing activities please consult with an independent legal and/or privacy professional.

Our new GDPR-ready features are ready to roll. These features are designed to help you in your privacy efforts and to make the transition to GDPR-compliance easier.

Who needs to be GDPR compliant?

If you send emails to EU residents, the GDPR is relevant to you, even if you’re not based in the EU. It applies to any organization that processes the personal data of any EU citizen or resident — for example, customers, prospects, employees, and even someone who happens to visit your brand’s website.

If you’re an email marketer, it’s more than likely the GDPR applies to you.

Subscriber Consent

The GDPR requires that any processing is done with lawful purpose. Of the options outlined by the regulation, consent is best suited to marketers and their subscribers. We’ve updated our subscriber-related features to take this into account.

Subscribe pages and preference centres

Soon, you’ll be able to ask for consent right from your subscribe page. You’ll also be able to link to your privacy and cookie policies if you have them, directly from the form. Existing subscribers can change their own consent settings in their preference centre, providing you enable the option to do so.

File imports and adding subscribers manually

Before importing subscribers from a file or adding them manually, you can add a “consent to track” column, and set each subscriber’s consent to yes or no. After upload, you can then match this data to a “consent to track” field. If no consent to track value is provided, the field value remains unchanged — if there is no existing value, it is assumed the subscriber has given their consent to be tracked.

Subscribers added via API

A number of our API endpoints will soon be updated to version 3.2. When working with email subscribers or transactional email recipients on 3.2, you will require an additional, mandatory consent to track parameter, with a value of yes, no, or unchanged. If you’re already using an older version of the API, nothing will change for you. For assistance with our API endpoints, please contact our Support Department.

In Conclusion

Designed to make gathering subscriber consent easy, to provide more robust data security, and to build a more trusting relationship with your subscribers, these new features will be available to all TouchBasePro users.

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