6 Ways to Tick the Right Boxes this Black Friday – Scary Good Email Marketing Tips that ACTUALLY Work

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most spine-tingling times of the year for email senders.

Shoppers are on the hunt for the best deals, and your email marketing strategy should be ready to deliver. With the right email marketing tactics, you can stand out from the competition and make the most out of these lucrative shopping holidays.

In today’s blog, we’re going to unveil six hair-raising email marketing best practices that will make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns a scream.

Let’s dive into the tricks that will leave your competition spooked! 👻


1. Start Early – Set the Stage for Frighteningly Good Results

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaigns.

Start early to build anticipation among your subscribers. Send teaser emails in advance to give your audience a sneak peek at the deals and promotions you’ll be offering.

Create a sense of urgency by counting down the days, and make sure your subscribers know they won’t want to miss out on what’s coming. Countdown timers in your emails can work wonders here!

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2. Segment Your Email List – Personalisation is the Potion

Segmentation is the hidden ingredient of effective email marketing. If you aren’t serving the RIGHT offer to the RIGHT customers, you’re potentially wasting your email potential.

Begin by dividing your email list into different segments based on customer behaviour, preferences, and demographics. This allows you to send tailored emails that resonate with each group.

You’ll also want to customize your subject lines, email content, and offers to make every subscriber feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Personalisation can significantly increase open and click-through rates, leading to higher conversions.

Halloween Email


3. Craft Spellbinding Subject Lines – The Hook That Grabs Attention

Your subject lines should be irresistible, like a siren’s call drawing your subscribers into your email.

Use powerful and concise language to create a sense of urgency, curiosity, or excitement. Emojis work well here to add a dash of personality and visual appeal.

Test different subject lines to see which ones resonate best with your audience, and don’t forget to A/B test to optimise your open rates.

We wrote about the art of a good subject line in a previous blog which you can check out here.


4. Design Eye-Catching Emails – Bewitching Visuals and Layouts

Your email design needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Especially at a time like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, users will be buying with their eyes.

Use captivating images and compelling graphics that showcase your products or promotions. Ensure your emails are mobile-responsive, as many shoppers will be browsing and buying from their smartphones.

Keep your layout clean and organized, with clear call-to-action buttons that lead recipients to your website with a single click. And once they’re there, entice them with further deals and offers for your products and services.

If you’re looking for inspiration, our platform offers tons of templates to choose from! However, if you’re snowed under and not getting to that killer design, our team would love to help you build your next email campaign – find out more about our agency service here.

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5. Create a Killer Landing Page – The Pot of Gold at the End of the Email

Your email should seamlessly lead your subscribers to a dedicated landing page that highlights your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Simply sending potential clients to your regular sign-up page is simply not enough to entice them to sign up for your deals.

Ensure that your landing page mirrors the email’s design and messaging to provide a cohesive user experience.

Make it easy for visitors to browse products, add items to their carts, and check out. As already discussed, make certain you use persuasive copy and visually appealing elements to encourage conversions.

And if you want to skip the work and get immediate help, why not head on over to this quick resource to guide you through some unique ways to create compelling email content?


6. Monitor and Optimise – The Magic Never Ends

The work doesn’t stop once your Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails are sent.

Continuously monitor your email campaign performance in real time. Track open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated.

Use this data to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments on the fly. Consider sending follow-up emails to remind subscribers of expiring deals and extend your campaign’s reach.

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Avoid the horror of a failed Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaign today!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic opportunities for businesses to boost sales and connect with their audience.

By following these email marketing best practices, you can create campaigns that not only tick all the right boxes but also leave your competition running for the hills. S

With these tricks up your sleeve, and with the help of our expert team and platform, your email marketing campaigns will be scarily effective this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Want to find out more, get in touch today and one of our email experts will guide you through the right ways to create impactful and converting campaigns. Click here and say hi – We’d love to work with you!