How do I clean my company data so I can win with email?

When it comes to an email database what classifies a clean email database? A clean email database is a database where the email addresses are correct, still exist and actively engage with your emails.

Focusing on a quality list is a better approach when it comes to email marketing, and more and more marketers are taking this approach.  All in all, storing and sending to invalid or dormant email addresses is a waste of time and money. 

How do I clean my email databases? 

From the beginning you want to have your sign up forms set up to ensure you collect the correct email addresses, set up two-step verification on all your signup forms, this means people will need to confirm they want to receive emails from you. Having two-step verification ensures that you collect and store email addresses that are active and most importantly protects you from spam traps. 

Let’s take it even further with database verification!

Database verification is a process where we run several checks against an email address; we check if the email address is correct and valid and how likely it will be to reach the subscriber’s inbox. This gives you a clear indication of who you should and shouldn’t be emailing from your company data. 

What are the benefits of email verification?

  • Having a clean database equals a lower bounce rate meaning your emails are more likely to reach your reader’s inbox. 
  • You save money. You’ll only be storing and sending to active email addresses which will ultimately cost you less and get you more at the end of the day. 

What are the next steps? 

The above sounds like a lot, we get it. That is why we have dedicated account managers to take the hard work out of getting your database clean and set up, allowing you time to get down to doing the business.  Reach out to our sales team on or 011 447 9716 and one of our dedicated account managers will help you win at email marketing.

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