How an email marketing strategy can boost your business

Are you looking to find an affordable, scalable, measurable, relevant, engaging and time-saving way to connect with existing customers, expand your reach and drive return on investment? Email marketing answers the question. Did you know that emails have a longer lifespan than social media posts? And while billions are using Facebook, even more use email (4 billion people in 2020, and an estimated 4.6 billion by 2025). So why not utilise this cost-effective and sure way to boost sales, drive web traffic, understand your target audience and build brand loyalty? It may be a scary prospect to know where to begin, but employing a suitable email marketing strategy is your first step to building a successful and profitable campaign.

At TouchBasePro, we’ve been in the email marketing game for a while, helping businesses of all sizes create targeted campaigns and grow their brands through ethical, expert advice and guidance.

Let’s unpack the top 4 reasons an email marketing strategy is the best way to grow your business:

#1 It’s cost-effective and profitable

Email marketing is one of the most affordable methods of sending targeted messages to subscribers and turning them into loyal customers. 

No need to fork out loads of cash for photo shoots, printing and placement or invest a pool of money into ads like PPC campaigns which require a larger spend to ensure your intended audience catches sight of your ads. 

All you need is a well thought-out email with engaging copy, an alluring subject line and a few calls to action and you’re A-for-away! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multinational with millions of clients who already know and understand your brand or a local startup on a shoestring marketing allowance, email marketing will work with any budget.

Business partners employ a results-driven email marketing strategy for success

With an easy opt-in for subscribers or first-time customers (which is way less intrusive than telemarketing, since you can opt-out if it’s not up your alley), email marketing is the simple, tried-and-tested method of engaging new and existing customers with special offers, discounts, product updates and brand building. 

And (with a knowledgeable email marketing agency by your side), it’s sure to transform the small amount of start-up spend into profitable leads.

Follow up with those cart abandoners and deliver special offers to solid customers, to create more leads and strengthen customer loyalty.

There’s a reason email has been rated as a top contributor to marketing ROI. Research shows that email marketing generates as much as R30 for every R1 spent (and in some cases, more like R75) – now that’s good for your bottom line!

#2 It boosts website traffic

Looking for a way to get more clicks on your webpage, more people viewing your products and more people engaging with your brand? Hello email marketing!

Putting a link on the ‘about’ section of a social media account may drive a few leads, but creating an effective email marketing strategy is sure to do it in less time and on your terms (since you own your contact list, not the social media platform).

Grow your engaged list of subscribers through custom email signup forms. For example, convince new website users to become email subscribers though a compelling branded button on your website or an embedded form.

Staff assess a previous email marketing campaign with added insight from TouchBase Pro

Already have a list of subscribers or customers to reach out to? Get into their inbox (which they’re sure to check at least once a day) and see them on a more regular basis in your website stats. 

Accompany your CTA with a not-to-be-missed discount deal or promotional offer and you have a surefire way to up your website clicks.

#3 It builds customer loyalty

Give your customers what they want, when they want it through targeted, personalised content. 

This is all about using data insights to provide subscribers with the right message at the right time. Connect with an email marketing agency that can use your website, business apps and ecommerce platform to access data and leverage it to deliver more targeted emails and drive more leads. 

For example, use different subject lines and images for different demographics based on their preferences (which you will get more insight into, thanks to email). 

By remaining in-touch with customers and updating them on news and promotions, you benefit from the rewards of added brand credibility. The more they see you, the more they understand that you’re legit and the more likely they are to refer their friends and family to you (ka-ching!)

Email marketing is also a great way to gather useful and true information (reviews) about your customers’ likes, dislikes and thoughts on your brand. When a customer feels like they can talk to you, they’re more likely to support you. This kind of feedback is gold in the business world, enabling you to ensure greater customer satisfaction and a delightful customer experience with your brand. (So launch those surveys with lekker rewards for completing them).

Businesswoman working remotely views an engaging email on her mobile device

#4 It’s easy to measure campaign results

An email service provider can connect your business with the stats to keep your finger on the pulse of customer motivations and grievances. 

Gain insight into the health of your email marketing strategy through detailed analytics reports from TouchBase Pro. Use reporting tools to aggregate metrics across your various email marketing campaigns in order to gain actionable insights to revise your marketing strategy and exceed your goals.

For example, our holistic view of key metrics including delivery rates, open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates and bounce rates give business decision-makers the tools to understand the performance of various campaigns. By connecting with a trustworthy email marketing agency you gain access to reports revealing which devices subscribers are using to read your emails and insight into their exact location for creating more targeted campaigns and driving a more informed email marketing strategy.

Further insights into a holistic user engagement view across all marketing channels shows how email marketing campaigns have fared against other marketing channels such as social media, display ads and paid search ads to make proper assessments regarding its effectiveness. 

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