Why Switch to TouchBasePro?

Why switch email service providers, you might ask?

If your email service provider has been letting you down lately, perhaps it’s time to look at a couple of reasons why it makes perfect sense for your business to switch to TouchBasePro.  

The email marketing landscape is constantly changing. From data security and compliance like POPIA being implemented, a shift to more mobile-friendly email campaigns and even the influx of eCommerce stores during the pandemic, change in the email world is a constant.

Email marketing is statistically still one of the most effective forms of marketing and your email service provider should be helping you achieve the best possible results. The numbers don’t lie. 

Why switch email service providers? Here are 4 reasons to consider:  

  1. It’s what you are used to  
  2. You’re tied into a long-term contract  
  3. You haven’t considered an alternative platform or reason to switch  
  4. You didn’t know about TouchBasePro 😉

We’ve worked with some of South Africa’s leading companies over the past 18 years. Our team of email experts share a passion for email marketing and customer service as we strive to offer our customers the highest levels of support & guidance.  
If you’re asking yourself why switch email service providers, especially to us at TouchBasePro, let’s answer that next!

So, why switch to TouchBasePro? 

  1. We have over 17 years of email marketing experience. (that’s a long time in our niche) 
  2. We have some of the highest-rated support and service in the local email game.  
  3. Our platform offers world-class features, designed for a broad array of industries & goals.  
  4. We don’t tie you into any long-term contracts. 
  5. Our team of customer success managers are available to assist you from start to finish with all your email marketing needs. 

Our Mission  

Lead the market, support customers and serve others. 
Foster valuable, meaningful and profitable relationships. 
Value kindness, fun and doing good. 

Our proof is in the pudding. Here are just a few testimonials from our happy clients.

Inovocom testimonial about why switch email service providers to TouchBasePro
Pangea Risk testimonial about why switch email service providers to TouchBasePro

Still not convinced? We’re okay with that! We know switching systems can be tough to motivate and often a big perceived hassle. Our team of Customer Success Managers can even work in your email platform through our strategic managed email services. You can read more about our Multi ESP Service and find out if our email professional can help you create measurable returns on your email marketing, here  

If you’d like some more information or would like to see what our world-class platform can do for your business, book a demo with one of our Business Development Consultants and prepare to be amazed! 

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our TouchBasePro family.