Why it is important for your email service provider to handle deliverability?

Deliverability… one of the cornerstones to your email campaign success. As email marketing experts at TouchBasePro, ensuring the deliverability of your campaign is one of our top priorities.

Deliverability defined.

Deliverability in an email campaign quite simply is defined as whether your email campaign has been delivered to your intended recipients. This can be based on a variety of factors such as: sending reputation; domain authentication and content. The difference between your email campaign having deliverability and not is whether your message is delivered to the recipient’s inbox or blocked by the IP provider. This is also the difference between your campaign arriving in an inbox or in your spam (which is most likely overlooked). Read more about avoiding spam here.

Why is it so important?

Time, effort and resources

Ensuring delivery to all your intended mailboxes is important because of all the time, effort and resources that goes into curating your campaigns. Spending all this time and effort into a campaign that will not see some recipients can be extremely frustrating, to say the least.

Connection with your audience

As your audience have physically signed up to receive your campaigns, it is something that they will be expecting. As a business, you want to be connecting with your customers to bring them value. It is imperative to remember that the success of any email campaign is based on the way that our recipients have interacted with it. If your campaign does not arrive at its destination, it remains a mystery to what the interaction would have been.

Having an edge on the competition

More than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day, around the world (Statista, 2021). While we try and comprehend this number of emails going out, it is important to remember that there is huge competition in our customer’s inboxes every day and the more edge we can have… the better! Ensuring that the deliverability of your campaigns is up to scratch can really put you in the lead in the race to those inboxes!