What to look for when choosing your email service provider

Picking the right company or system to send emails on behalf of your company can be tricky. Here are a few deal-breakers to look for when deciding who to use:

Deliverability & Commitment to Ethical Email Marketing

What good is an email that doesn’t reach someone’s inbox? Choosing a system that has a good compliance process and decent sending reputation is key to reaching your audience. Try to avoid email services that offer “free” sending, even if it’s limited, as this is often the biggest cause of bad sending reputation due to shared sending servers.

Data Security

With your audience trusting you with their personal information, it’s key to ensure you protect their data by selecting a service provider who is POPI Act compliant and will help your team through their compliance efforts.

Good Customer Service & Next Level Support

Having proper support is key to successful email sending. Find a company who goes above and beyond to help you sign-up and get started as this is often an indication of post-purchase support.

Access to Automated Emails

The need to automate your emails is key and should be part of the package you purchase when selecting an email service provider. You can read more about automation here.

Detailed Reporting

If you can measure something, you can improve it. When selecting your email service provider, be sure to note that you have real-time access to all your stats, including opens, clicks, and bounces. All other stats and insights contribute further to the success of your email sending.

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TouchBasePro ESP Infographic