The role of email in the customer value cycle

Not every email you send needs to be a promotional email. Email can be used for a variety of reasons, one of them is to assist with building relationships with your customers and guiding them through your customer value cycle. 

In most cases, a customer won’t make a purchase after their first interaction with you, you need to guide them through your customer value cycle in order to get them to purchase and ultimately become loyal to your brand. Email marketing is a great tool to use to do just this. 

Email marketing can be used to educate your customers about your brand and your offering which will help encourage them to make a purchase. Once customers have made a purchase, email marketing can be used further to help you build strong and long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

The role of email marketing in your customer value cycle is to provide touchpoints with your customers at the right time to positively influence their behaviour. Depending on your industry and type of business, you can create and tailor lifecycle marketing campaigns to guide your customers through the various stages of your value cycle. 

During each stage of the customer value cycle, you can use email to help reinforce your message and build your relationship with customers. From the initial conversation through to upselling and cross-selling, email can be used to back all your messaging. Here are a couple of ways email can be utilised in your customer value cycle:

  • Welcome email to introduce the customer to your brand and welcome them to the start of your relationship
  • Follow up email to educate the customer on your offering and provide them with some value-added content
  • Find out more about your customers email – offer them an incentive to provide you with more information
  • Promotional email to promote upselling or cross-selling

Keep a lookout for our next blog where we look at each of the different emails that can be used at each stage of the customer value cycle. In the meantime feel free to get in touch for any assistance with your email marketing. We would love to assist.