The mystical preheader text

We all know how important your subject line and ‘from’ field is when it comes to grabbing your reader’s attention, but have you been paying attention to the preheader text as well? This is just as important and often forgotten. 

What is preheader text?

Preheader is a short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Most desktop and web email clients provide them to tip you off on what the email contains before you open it, but they’re most predominant on mobile email clients.

Why is preheader text important?

Next to your subject line, your preheader text is the first thing your subscribers are going to see and this plays a big part in whether or not they open your email. Your preheader text needs to support your email campaign and entice readers to open your email. 

How to add your preheader text in TouchBasePro

There are two easy ways to add and edit your preheader text when using the TouchBasePro template builder.

You can add your preheader text when adding your subject line and from name details. This is a fairly new addition to the system to help ensure you don’t forget to add it.

preheader text example








You can also edit your preheader text in the template builder. You can decide where you want your preheader text to show. You can have it in the inbox preview and the email body, or choose to exclude the preheader text from your email content and only display it in the inbox preview.

Preheader Text example

Make sure you use this important feature in all your campaigns to help optimise your email marketing. If you need any assistance with your email marketing get in touch, we’d love to help!