That could have been an email! – The importance of internal communications

We’ve all heard organizations say that good internal communications are absolutely essential for engaging employees and keeping everyone focused on what matters. But the reality is that these types of communication seldom happen within the workplace. Organizations are likely suffering as a result of poor communication or NO communication at all.

Hopefully, by now, I’ve caught your attention and you may be asking…… What’s my connection to this topic?

Being new to the digital marketing world, specifically email marketing, I have learned a great deal in a short time about the importance of proper email engagement, specifically the importance of internal email communication within the workplace.

I’ve gone ahead and listed a few reasons why I think internal communication is so important:

Keeping people informed

Unless your company grows mushrooms, employees generally don’t like to be kept in the dark. Like most organizations, there are people that work there that enjoy the idea of communicating with them often and clearly.

Create a more expansive view of the workplace 

The idea of creating two-way communication within the organization helps employees feel like they too can engage -internal communication will provide such a platform for a healthier form of communication amongst all staff.

Grow your organisation’s culture

When asked the question, why does an organisation need internal communication – the most common answer is –  “we want to grow and manifest our company’s culture” CEOs and management love the idea of seeing their culture grow, especially in a positive engaging manner. A healthy and effective form of internal communication will allow for a better interpretation of an organisation’s culture.

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Avoid panic in a crisis

Living in such unpredictable times as we do with a struggling economy, it’s impossible to think that an organization won’t go through many ups and downs. When these types of changes happen whether it be good or bad, effective communication is what will see that organization come out on top. This form of internal communication will help to keep employees at ease, therefore avoiding any form of unnecessary panic within the workplace.

Gain feedback and create constructive debates 

They say that “no news is good news”, well this isn’t always the case when it comes to the workplace, when creating any form of internal communication, one must be prepared to receive feedback – whether good or bad.

As previously mentioned, management thrives on the idea of watching their culture grow, the other important factor around internal communication is to ensure participation and overall engagement of everyone within the workplace.

Internal communication can certainly assist in creating a better channel for these sometimes-tough internal debates to take place.

There is so much that can be taken out of good internal communication – this will assist in avoiding future mistakes and hopefully improving to serve the organisation’s people better in the future.

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In a nutshell, those are some great examples of why effective internal communication will help bolster any organisation’s communication and maintain a fully engaged workplace.

If you feel there may be areas in which your internal communication could benefit from these examples but are still unsure as to how you would go about structuring this communication internally then get in touch. TouchBasePro would love the opportunity to help and offer some success metrics around successful internal communication – we would be happy to turn an unproductive and one-way form of communication into a more engaging and happier workplace.


Blog written by: Annette Bygrave