Should I send emails for the sake of sending?

I am a Business Developer which is really just a fancy term for selling. Most of the time, that is what I do. Sometimes, however, selling and advising a client on what is right for them, aren’t the same thing. Email Marketing works similarly, and you may find yourself asking the question: Should I send emails for the sake of sending?

Let me elaborate. There are cases where a customer describes their needs to me and to help them and offer value, I need to tell them the truth. Be honest? In sales?  Can’t be. But it is. My solution isn’t a fit for everyone and I shouldn’t try force it. The same goes for sending out email marketing.


Woman wondering if she should send an email


ROI is very important, of course, it is! We all want to make that sale. But if driving sales is your only objective when creating content, your readers and subscribers will quickly pick up on it and unsubscribe. Or worse, just start ignoring you!

So should I send emails for the sake of sending, and how do we avoid this? Well, planning is always a good start. A content calendar that ensures a good mix of product pushing, thought leadership and incentives is a clever way to make sure you are going to communicate with your subscribers regularly but also not bombard them. In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about treating your reader like they are human because they are! So always try to keep some kind of value for them in mind when sending them communication.

Once you have a content calendar in place, it’s time to start sending. But constant analysation of the reports and adaptation of the plan is also necessary. Engagement (or lack thereof) on the emails will signal you to change up the content, and frequency or spark the need to have more calls to action.

Our team is unique in that we can help you put this together and give ideas of when to pull back, and when to send more frequently. No more sending emails for the sake of sending!

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Written by Nastasya Koumaras