Data Security & Compliance

In today's world it's crucial to ensure your data remains secure and protected. At TouchBasePro we have several measures in place to ensure that all our client's information and data remain secure and protected while ensuring we maintain high standards of email deliverability.
What is compliance?

This is a process whereby our external compliance team will review your TouchBasePro account. We ask questions like how you obtained your database, when you last communicated to your database and what reporting statistics you have from previous sending. This process is in place to protect your sending reputation as well as ours and the rest of our clients.

How do we help you remain POPIA & GDPR compliant?

TouchBasePro has built-in features that allow you to capture customer data whilst remaining compliant, as well as ensuring your email campaigns are compliant. Our team are experts at advising clients on how to remain compliant in their email strategies.

Security features

  • Enterprise system architecture and framework.
  • ISO IEC 27001 Compliant Data center.
  • Azure front door CDN for data protection, serving and load balancing.
  • Default token-based OAuth & SSO.
  • Key Derivation Function used to store password hashes securely.
  • Native Cloud Ransomware Defence.
  • Sliding OAuth token renewal with IP claim.

Our anti-spam policy

TouchBasePro does not sell or provide email lists or databases. TouchBasePro does not allow the sending of bulk unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM). TouchBasePro is POPIA & GDPR compliant and we support our customers in ensuring they remain compliant too. Due to these policies, we can only allow companies to email subscribers that have opted-in to receive communications. Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions.