How to use social media channels to benefit your email marketing

Digital marketing is vast and includes a range of marketing channels that you can use, from email marketing to SEO. Each of these channels plays an essential role in your overall digital marketing strategy. Instead of running each as a separate channel, they feed into one another, making sure you achieve your marketing goals.

Social media is such a popular channel, and when used correctly, can help you yield excellent results! But the burning question is, how do you use social media channels, to benefit your email marketing?

Different social media platforms allow you to do different things and even reach different audiences. We’re going to explore a few popular social media platforms and how you can use them to benefit your email marketing. 


Almost every single business today will have a Facebook page and why not use your current Facebook audience as well as new audiences to grow your email database? Here are a few things you can do on Facebook to build your database:

  • Change the button on your Facebook page to sign up, and direct people to your email sign-up form.
  • Create a post enticing your followers to sign up to your database. Showing them snippets of exclusive content is a great way to do this. ”Complete this form and we will email you the full template”
  • Boost your post to reach new audiences.
  • Run Facebook lead ads and use a tool like Zapier to ensure all sign-ups feed directly into your TouchBasePro account. 


  • Make use of LinkedIn Lead Gen forms
  • Use LinkedIn Groups to market your business and encourage sign-ups to your database. Again using snippets of exclusive content, requiring an email address for the full content piece is a great way to grow your audience. 

Other channels:

  • Add a link to your sign up form to your Instagram bio
  • Run competitions/ contests on all your channels. But keep in mind that different platforms have different audiences. So what works on LinkedIn (a professional network) may not necessarily gain as much traction on Facebook and vice versa.
  • Host Twitter chats 

Remember to include links to your social pages in all your email campaigns, and include social sharing buttons on all your branded content. 

Next time you are working on your digital marketing strategy, be sure you have considered all your channels and that they work together to help you achieve your marketing goals!

Our last piece of advice is, choose one platform and do it well! Select the social media platform that is the most appropriate for your market, or where you think you can reach the biggest portion of your market, and ensure that you keep that platform up to date with current news, trends and events. An active social platform strengthens all other brand communications!