How Do We Get Such a Good Deliverability Rate?

Here at TouchBasePro, we work incredibly hard to ensure that we have good deliverability rates. There are a lot of factors that go into maintaining that rate, and you might not know all the time and effort we put in behind the scenes to make sure as many of your emails as possible get delivered.

What is deliverability?

Email deliverability is how you quantify the success of your email campaigns making it to the subscriber’s inbox, without being flagged as spam or bouncing. Basically, higher deliverability means that more emails get into the inbox. Campaigns with low deliverability will see poor engagement and high bounce rates.

Alongside the 7 things you can do to ensure a good deliverability for your own campaigns, here’s what we do to make sure your campaign is successful.


We have whitelisting agreements with major ISPs. In return for ensuring that every mail that goes through our system is genuinely, 100% opt-in (more on that later), the ISPs will let our mails through.

Blacklist Monitoring

We proactively monitor blacklists and, in the rare instance that one of our servers is blacklisted, we immediately remove it from the cluster so that it doesn’t affect anyone else’s campaigns, then we resolve the issue on behalf of our customers.

Compliance Checks

We have a rigorous Compliance Check process that ensures all of our customers are sending 100% opt-in campaigns. Our team goes over content and databases with a fine tooth comb to pre-emptively stop any spam before it’s sent.

During this process, we work with our customers to make sure that they adhere to our Anti-Spam Policy and don’t accidentally violate any laws or best practices. You can read more about the Compliance process here.

Single Click Unsubscribes

Every email sent through our system has a single click unsubscribe link. This means that subscribers can remove themselves instantly from a database, and they don’t need to jump through hoops to get off a list. This helps cut down complaints that are borne of frustration from a convoluted opt-out system.

Abuse Complaint Handling

We closely monitor our abuse email address and follow up with every complaint as quickly as possible. We also directly integrate with the abuse complaint systems of some large ISPs, so if a recipient complains, we hear about it.

Is there a guaranteed deliverability rate?

Deliverability is a complicated process. No one can promise 100% deliverability (anyone that does is lying), but we do our best to ensure that our deliverability rate is the highest it can be. By making sure our clients adhere to best practices, and stopping anything remotely spam-like before it can go out, we make sure our system is the healthiest it can be so that your campaigns perform at their best.

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