There is no one size fits all when it comes to a successful email design, however, there are some tips and tricks that you can use when creating your next email campaign to ensure it is successful.

  • Your email layout
    Your email layout should help your readers know what they should check out first, and what action you’d like them to take They should be able to scan the email quickly using a logical hierarchy with large headlines and images focusing the attention Use layouts to break up space and help create chunks of content

    Our favourite email layouts include the inverted triangle, the zig-zag layout, and one column layout
  • Images
    Make use of imagery to help readers identify your brand, make a statement and help communicate messages It is important to make sure your images complement and support the overall message of your email

    You can make use of free stock images to help add imagery to your emails. Here are some of the free stock image websites we use Unsplash, StockSnapio and Pexels.

  • Make use of white space
    White space is the blank area around your paragraphs, images, and call to action buttons. Adding ample white space around the elements in your email encourages click-throughs by separating them visually from other elements in your email and focusing the reader’s attention on them at the right time It also increases the legibility of your email and improves the eyes’ ability to follow the content.

    Use your best judgment to ensure your copy and CTA button are separated enough to stand out, but close to enough that your readers know they’re connected.

  • Calls to Action (Buttons)
    When it comes to your CTA’s there are three main areas to look at to ensure a successful button:

    • Copy – short concise copy works best Your buttons need to encourage your readers to take action
    • Design – make sure your buttons stand out, are big enough to grab the readers attention and have an adequate amount of white space around them
    • Placement – this depends on your email and what action you are wanting your readers to take however, we suggest including your first CTA above the fold so that your readers don’t need to scroll to click their first button


  • Include GIFs & Video content
    Many people think that you can embed video straight into your email, and as magical as this would be, there are many email clients who do not support this. Video content, however, does increase engagement in emails, so we suggest making use of images GIFs to encourage readers to click through to watch your video content.

    Animated GIFs are a great alternative to using video if you want to add moving content to your emails.


Overall you want to be sure that your email campaigns match your company’s look and feel and that they bring your readers joy. If you need any help creating amazing emails then get in touch with us.

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