Let’s look at possibly the most important part of your email campaign, the calls to action (CTA). Why is a CTA so important? Well, simply because it tells your readers what action they are supposed to take and guides them through your email campaign. Your CTA is what is going to drive your subscribers to your website and help in getting you conversions.

Example of calls to action

Here are 7 ways you can optimise your CTAs:

  1. Use buttons – instead of hyperlinking your text use a button. This will make your CTA stand out and grab your readers’ attention which is exactly what a good CTA should do. 
  2. Use action-orientated text – your calls to action should encourage your subscribers to do exactly that, take action so use words that are striking and evoke a sense of action. Try using compelling verbs like ‘try’ or ‘experience’. 
  3. Keep your copy concise – Your CTAs should be short and get straight to the point, there’s no reason to waffle on in a complete sentence. Two or three words should be more than sufficient, like “buy now”, “shop now” or “get this deal”.
  4. Make it bold – use bright and contrasting colours for your CTAs. By making them pop they are going to attract your readers’ attention. 
  5. Keep it above the fold – don’t leave your subscribers unsure of the action they are supposed to take, keep your first CTA above the fold to avoid a drop off in engagement. 
  6. Create urgency – one of the best ways to get your subscribers to engage with your email is by creating a sense of urgency. Use words such as now and today to help create a sense of urgency. 
  7. Guide your links – Once a subscriber has clicked on your CTA, where are they going to end up? Make sure your efforts aren’t wasted by directing your subscribers directly to where they need to go. Offer a customised landing page, or send them directly to the purchase page that matches what they clicked on in your email.

Don’t forget to all always test your buttons to make sure they display correctly on all devices and that it links to the correct place. If you’re not too sure what CTAs will work best with your database, look at running an A/B test to find out. 

Need help or guidance with setting up your email campaign and using CTAs to drive conversions? Get in touch and one of our dedicated account managers will assist you.

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