5 Reasons To Outsource Your Email Marketing

Ever wonder if outsourcing your email marketing makes sense for your business? Let’s discuss 5 reasons to outsource your email marketing!

At TouchBasePro, our goal is to make sure you don’t simply use email marketing for the sake of using it; we want to make sure you win at it!

Email marketing can be tough, but we believe outsourcing has major advantages for any business.

As a marketing manager, you probably also have a lot on your plate, which is why we are highlighting the 5 reasons our team of email professionals would help make your life that much easier.

5 reasons to outsource your email marketing to us

  1. Your email strategy

    Our team are experts at helping you identify the pain points and possible gaps in your existing email marketing strategy. This helps you build a new, more effective one. We treat this as an ongoing process, with an expert email strategist dedicated to helping you achieve your email goals.

  2. Creating the perfect template

    All templates created for your business are custom-made, in accordance with your company’s specifications, branding requirements and campaign goals. With over 17 years’ worth of experience in the email marketing game, we know how to design with email best practices in mind, so your campaigns consistently look great across all the inboxes and devices your audience may use to read your emails.

  3. Database growth activity

    From sign-up forms to website and CRM integrations, our team are experts at helping clients grow their email databases and retain subscribers, strategically and with the correct opt-in compliance. This is critical as, on average, databases can diminish by over 20% every year.

  4. Email Marketing Automation

    We understand the importance of welcome emails, and automated triggers, based on actions taken by your subscribers. Our email expert helps plan, build, and deploy an effective marketing automation program that will save you and your team time while boosting customer engagement.

  5. Insights and Reporting

    Our expert team of Customer Success Managers provide detailed reports and insight into your campaigns’ successes, through best-practice advice, customer engagement, industry-relevant statistics, and recommendations on how to keep customers returning to your brand.

Can you afford not to outsource your email marketing efforts to us? We’re confident that we’re likely to help you grow your returns on email and, frankly, make your life just that much easier.

If you are ready to win at email marketing and want to discuss the future of your email plan with one of our team of experts, click here, and let’s get winning together.