5 Quick POPI compliance wins

With the POPI Act coming into effect on the 1st of July 2021, it’s important for all businesses to make sure that they are POPI compliant and whilst we cannot give you legal advice, we can suggest five easy things you can do to help become compliant. 

  1. Collect data correctly:  when collecting customer data it is important to request permission to do so and to only collect data that is necessary. Using sign-up forms is a great way to obtain permission and store your customer’s information securely. Below is an example of a sign-up that can be used

    TouchBasePro Example sign-up form
  2. Request permission from old customers: If you don’t have the evidence trail to prove that a customer gave you permission to contact them, then now is the perfect time to send a campaign to ask for that permission. Many companies did this when GDPR came into effect and it is an excellent way to ensure that you remain compliant.
  3. Update your email campaigns: ensure that all your bulk email communications contain your company details as well as an easy way to unsubscribe. If you use TouchBasePro to send your emails then our template builder will help you easily add these two features. 
  4. Honour your unsubscribes: when someone unsubscribes or asks to be removed from your mailing list, you need to honour this and remove them immediately. Most bulk email platforms will help you manage your unsubscribes and ensure these individuals are placed on a suppression list to ensure you don’t email them again in the future. 
  5. Book a consult: if you’d like more information and guidance on how to be POPI compliant then book a free guidance session with us. What’s the catch: Honestly, there is none! We are as tired as you are of companies sending non-compliant emails and we want to help you make a difference. No strings attached

TouchBasePro POPI Compliance Wins

The days of spray and pray campaigns are over and we couldn’t be happier, it’s now time to focus on building and maintaining quality databases with people who WANT to hear from you. The better the quality of your database, the better the performance of your campaigns will be, which means a much higher ROI. If you need any guidance on your email marketing and POPI feel free to get in touch, we’d love to help you!