3 Ways to boost your segmentation strategy

Did you know, by making use of segmentation in your email marketing campaigns you can increase your revenue by more than 50%, your open rate by more than 20% and your click rate by more than 60%? These stats look amazing, right? We’re going to look at how you can improve your stats and look like a rockstar in your next marketing meeting.

As you’ve read in our previous blogs our team here at TouchBasePro firmly believe in the power of segmentation, however, many of our clients don’t know how to get more information from their database or don’t want new clients to fill out a signup form with more than two required fields.

In this blog, I’m going to focus on three steps that can change your way of doing email marketing by collecting data in a way that allows you to create hyper-focused and segmented email campaigns. 

  1. Sign up forms.

Growing your database is one of the most important aspects of email marketing and there are many opportunities for you to make use of a signup form to do so.

Here are some areas where you can capture subscribers details. These can help you get the creativity flowing and see where you can implement more sign up forms:

  •         homepage or website signup
  •         blog signup
  •         e-commerce signup
  •         event registration signup
  •         in-person signup at an event
  •         social media signup
  •         in-store signup

Just a reminder from our compliance team: Don’t forget that these email signups need to be POPI compliant. This means your subscriber needs to explicitly give permission for you to email them marketing campaigns. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be sending this person messages.

  1.   Tag your subscribers with custom fields.

Custom fields can hold just about any type of information, including the way your subscriber was added to your list.

Once you have a subscribe form live on a website or other online page, you need to make sure this form is capturing the information that identifies where that subscriber came from. Your form-builder may label this feature as a “hidden field,” which can pass signup source information automatically when someone fills out the form.

By making use of this behind-the-scenes tagging of each subscriber will allow you to properly segment them. Without it, you may be missing out on vital subscriber data. One thing to remember regarding segmentation is that the more information you can gather about your subscribers, the more detailed email campaigns you can send. 

  1.   Your welcome emails

The last step is to create automated welcome journeys for your new subscribers. Now that you’ve identified the sources from which people may be added to your email list, you can begin crafting emails specific to these subscribers and set up a series of messages to be sent automatically.

Think about how each subscriber signed up for your list, and make sure to include language about how they discovered your organization and signed up. Be specific with event-based signups or signups from a purchase.

One of these series of automated emails can give your subscribers the option to update their information in the preference centre. This is an easy way to gather more information about your subscribers and provides you with the opportunity to create more segments.

Get in touch with our team at TouchBasePro if you need any assistance with segmentation or the creation of your preference centre.