10 Things You Might Not Know You Can Do With TouchBasePro

Email marketing is a multi-faceted industry, and we pride ourselves on covering all of your email marketing related needs. Here are the 10 things you might not know you could do with TouchBasePro, and how get the most out of the system.

1. Design full width emails with Hero Images

TouchBasePro Hero Image

Wow your customers and take your campaign designs to the next level with big, bold hero images in your campaigns.

2. Get mobile friendly with our Responsive Templates

Email responsive design example

Go mobile… or good luck! Make easy, responsive emails in our drag-and-drop template builder.

3. Leverage the power of Dynamic Content

Adidas originals gif

Get better engagements and boost your sales with dynamic content.

4. Test your campaign with Inbox Previews

email client

Don’t stress about how your campaign is going to look for your clients, check it first with our full Design and Spam test, which includes Inbox Previews across multiple email clients and programs.

5. Customer Journeys made simple with Automation


Whether it’s sending welcome emails or a complicated customer retention series, setting up automated emails has never been easier.

6. Stay on top of your game with A/B tests

4 tips for conducting successful A/B tests

What worked then might not work now. Tweak your campaigns with A/B tests to see what works, and what doesn’t.

7. Get more out of your system’s Transactional Emails

TouchBasePro Transactional Emails

Gone are the days of purely functional, boring, or even (shudder) plain text transactional emails. Use TouchBasePro to get the most out of these powerful mails.

8. Grow your database with Apps

Facebook Subscribe AppiPad Subscribe App
Don’t let your current database stagnate, combat your attrition TouchBasePro’s subscribe forms for websites, for Facebook, and even for your iPad!

9. Integrate your marketing with Google Analytics

Google analytics logo

Measure the impact of your email campaigns in more depth with Google Analytics. Track your customers from inbox to check-out.

10. Authenticate your domain for better Deliverability

Email Authentication

Set up domain authentication to get mail servers on your side and give your email campaigns a boost towards the inbox.