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Subscribers Training Videos
These are the training videos related to Subscriber Activity on TouchBasePro.
These videos do have sound, so be sure to have your speakers plugged in to hear the audio
How to Upload your Subscriber List to TouchBasePro
In this training video, you will be shown how to upload your subscriber lists to TouchBasePro.

You will be shown step by step how to type in subscribers, upload an Excel List and the correct layout for an Excel file
Managing your Subscribers on TouchBasePro

In this training video, you will be shown in depth the different ways to manage your subscribers on TouchBasePro, and all the features of the Subscriber List Snapshot Page

You will see how to edit subscribers, remove subscribers, export your database, set up and utilise custom fields and handle the bounces to that list

You will also be shown the various subscribe and unsubscribe options for your list, which includes sending welcome and goodbye emails and setting the webpages your new subscribers will be redirected to
Creating a Website Plugin
Coming soon...
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