What is content marketing for email?
What is content marketing?
9th July 2020
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16th July 2020
Role of content marketing in email
Victoria Simpson

What role does email play in content marketing?

We recently had a look at content marketing and the different types of content marketing you can use. Today we will look at the role that email plays in content marketing. 

Email marketing has a number of functions from attracting and retaining customers to building brand awareness and increasing conversions. Email marketing is the king of content and provides a massive ROI. It gives you the perfect opportunity to share your content with your database making it even more effective! 

Email marketing has the ability to tie all your other marketing tactics together. You are able to share all your content with your target audience directly. If you create a podcast, for example, you can use email to share that podcast with your database and help you in achieving your content marketing KPI’s. The same goes for your blog, share your new blog articles with your target audience through email to be sure your content goes directly to your subscribers. 

Why email? Email marketing has a longer life span than social posts and goes directly to the recipient, making it more effective. Email lets you send targeted and personalised messages to the right people at the right time and it has one of the highest conversion rates, making it one of the best choices to use when sharing your content marketing. 

Ultimately, email plays a supporting role in your content marketing and gives you opportunities to boost the content you create.  Email and content marketing go hand in hand as the content you create gives your database something to interact with on your emails and this will then make your content marketing more effective.

Give us a shout if you would like to reach more people, more effectively with your content and email marketing efforts, we would love to assist you!

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