In today’s world of busy, on-the-go professionals, you really don’t get a lot of time with your customers. Gone are the days where reading a full newspaper cover to cover was the norm, now we skim headlines instead of reading an article – and I know I’m guilty of this! So how does this impact on your email marketing?

There was a study done on users’ reading behaviour, and the average time that a user gave a newsletter after opening it was a scant 51 seconds. Do you think that’s enough time for a subscriber to even read a few paragraphs, let alone absorb all of your content? Of course not! This is where your newsletter design comes in.

You might underestimate it, but your newsletter design is an important aspect of your communications. Are you using your images to reinforce your message in a visual medium, or are you just using them as pretty decorations?

Take a look at this example of a newsletter from Seipp Wohnen. You can see that, despite not being written in English, you instantly get a sense of what the newsletter is about:

Seipp Newsletter example

Unfortunately I can’t read a word of German, but what I can do is see that, if I were interested in designer furniture, that’s a newsletter that’s definitely relevant to me. And I could definitely tell that in under 51 seconds.

So how do you achieve the same kind of effect?

Strike a Balance

Man balancing on a rope

One of the keys is to have a balance between content and imagery. It’s never good to have more of one than the other. If your campaign is text heavy, a weary reader will simply close it. If your campaign is solely images, you can reel them in but you probably won’t hold their attention span for long without other stimulation. There are no hard and fast rules with this, maybe one time you include a bit more text than images, maybe the next time it’s the other way round. The trick is to keep them roughly in balance.

Include Appealing Images

iphone appealing image

Your email will be more engaging if it’s visually accessible, so start including appealing images in your campaign. Your imagery should complement your brand and speak about who you are. If you want your reach to extend beyond your direct subscribers, think about the impression that you’re going to give when someone forwards your newsletter on to their friends.

So now it’s up to you. If you have no idea where to start, we have a collection of sites where you can get stock images for free. Start playing with your designs and see what kind of impact it has on your marketing.

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