How to make sure your database ACTUALLY exists
18th September 2019
Get into the game of knowing who your customer database is.
16th October 2019

Important Notice

Our Product and Engineering teams are in the process of improving the signup form experience we provide to make it easier for you to create and edit a form. In order to consolidate and simplify our signup forms, we will be deprecating support for old signup form options on October 2, 2019.

We wanted to notify you before support is turned off. Please rest assured, your button will still exist as it is and new subscribers will still come through even after the 2nd of October, however you won’t be able to edit the button. And if you wanted to migrate to our new signup form experience from 2nd of October, you will now have this additional functionality:

  • Multi-list opt-in
  •  In-app styling options
  • Customizable fields and image upload

For more information on the new signup form experience, we’ve put together this guide.

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