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15th September 2020

The gold standard of email protection: Sendmarc

TouchBasePro has partnered with SendMarc to offer our clients  the gold standard of email protection – Sendmarc What is Sendmarc? Through Sendmarc we are able to […]
8th September 2020
TouchBasePro POPI Act Guidance

So, what’s the story with POPI?

As of July 2020, the majority of the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (“POPI”), South Africa’s equivalent of the EU GDPR, came into effect. […]
4th September 2020
TouchBasePro POPI Guidance Sessions

Is your direct marketing POPI complaint?

With businesses having until the 21st of July 2021 to comply with the provisions of the POPI Act, we want to help you ensure your communication […]
29th July 2020
Email and the law

Everything you need to know about email marketing regulations

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that a business can make use of, but it is also highly regulated both locally and […]
4th June 2020

1, 2, 3 – INTEGRATED with TouchBasePro

Let’s talk about system integrations. They are generally pricy, time-consuming and sometimes even a little too technical. Connecting systems to allow for automated processes is a […]
3rd April 2020

The importance of communication during lockdown

As we all face the challenges and stresses around COVID-19 and the lockdown, we need to remember that communication is still essential. Even though many business […]