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3rd April 2020

The importance of communication during lockdown

As we all face the challenges and stresses around COVID-19 and the lockdown, we need to remember that communication is still essential. Even though many business […]
15th January 2020

How to use social media channels to benefit your email marketing

Digital marketing is vast and includes a range of marketing channels that you can use, from email marketing to SEO. Each of these channels plays an […]
13th December 2019

How to build an email using the TouchBasePro Template Builder.

Creating an email shouldn’t be a daunting task. Our drag & drop template builder makes building emails easy. A little preparation goes a long way, so […]
13th December 2019

How to create a welcome journey

Some emails should just be sent automatically; that’s why TouchBasePro gives you the ability to set up automated emails. Take a look at our quick guide […]
13th December 2019

How to create a sign up form

Getting new subscribers is important, and TouchBasePro gives you the tools you need to keep growing. Watch our quick video showing you how to create and […]
13th December 2019

How to create a segment

Being able to segment your database should be a key element in your email marketing strategy. Take a look at how to create basic segments within […]