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2nd June 2020
Let's get personal blog feature image

Let’s get personal

How many unread emails do you currently have in your inbox? Did you know – on average a person receives 121 emails per day. Yes, PER […]
26th May 2020
What maketh the subject line

What maketh the subject line?

Your subject line is one of the first things a person sees when they receive your email and often determines whether they open and read your […]
6th May 2020

The role of email marketing in communication.

Communication is a vital part of all organisations and in light of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, communication has now become more important than ever before. Communication […]
4th May 2020

Obvious, but overlooked tips for effective marketing

When it comes to marketing, we sometimes tend to overthink what we can and should be doing. Instead of over-complicating things, we’re going to be looking […]
3rd April 2020

The importance of communication during lockdown

As we all face the challenges and stresses around COVID-19 and the lockdown, we need to remember that communication is still essential. Even though many business […]
30th March 2020

TouchBasePro tackles remote working

Now that we are all confined to our homes, remote working is essential, but for most of us, its not something that we’re used to doing. […]