Widen your market

Regardless of whether you're building your first mailing list or have a large, established list of subscribers we'll provide you with simple, easy-to-use tools to increase the size of your audience.

Widen Your Market

Create Custom Signup Form

Create custom signup forms

Our intuitive form builder allows you to design custom signup forms for your site, quickly and easily. Tailor the signup experience using simple tools that allow you to match your site design to achieve a seamless integration with your website.

Signs up on the go

turn your iPad into a mobile subscription form that's perfect for events, in-store activations, and anywhere else you may encounter potential audiences.

Custom Fields Builder

Take your campaigns to new heights by capturing custom data that's relevant to you and your users and easily insert it into your email content using our custom fields builder.

Add a subscribe button to your site

Effortlessly add beautiful, unobtrusive subscribe buttons, to any page on your website, by copying and pasting our embed codes into your site.

Add Subscribe Button

Drag And Drop Importing

Drag And Drop Importing

If you have your subscribers in an Excel or .csv format all you have to do is drag and drop the file to start importing the subscribers into your TouchBasePro account. We’ll automatically remove duplicates and highlight any incorrectly typed email addresses for you.

Subscriber Snapshots

Easily access historical information covering every interaction you've ever had with any of your subscribers - all on a single page. Find out where they're based, what they click on, which email client they use and even what they look like.

Subscriber Snapshots

Integrate With Facebook

Find new audiences on Facebook and make it easy for them to subscribe to your lists. Our Facebook Subscribe app enables users to sign up straight from your fan page. We've even developed a white label version for resellers.

Subscriber Snapshots

Subscribers Notifications

Subscriber Notifications

We'll keep you in the loop about people joining your lists with our flexible subscriber notifications. We've made sure you can control what information you receive when, so your inbox will never be flooded with notifications.

Accurate Targeted Campaigns

Target your audience based on available custom fields or based on their campaign reading habits. Contact people that have opened the last x amount of campaigns, or people with a specific surname, the options are unlimited.

Auto-list management

We manage all of your signups, unsubscribes, bounced emails, and abuse complaints so you'll never have to get involved, ever - we promise.

Flexible by design

With TouchBasePro you'll never have to worry about the confusing, technical, fiddly stuff - we've got that. You're free to focus on crafting great campaigns for your audience.

Focus on your audience, we'll handle the rest

We'll manage the technical aspects of your subscriber lists and let you focus on the important stuff - understanding your audience and creating great campaigns that get results.