Triggered Responses

Our autoresponse tools allow you to easily define the criteria which trigger an autoresponse email. Once any given criteria is met, we'll send your subscriber your email immediately. We've also given you the ability to send an unlimited series of emails over a period of time for every autoresponder you create. If you use these features in combination with our new, date-based custom fields the possibilities for your customer correspondence are unlimited.

User Auto Responders To

Use autoresponders to:

  • Welcome new subscribers with a personalised message the instant they subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Congratulate subscribers on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or sign-up dates automatically. We'll send these messages annually, so all you need to do is set it and leave the magic up to us.
  • Send exact date match emails - perfect for sending once-off correspondence that relies on specific date - like post-purchase follow-ups and subscription renewal reminders

Simple email design and editing tools

Anyone can create beautiful, professional bulk email campaigns that display perfectly, everywhere. Our intuitive online email template design and content editing tools are easy-to-use and create mobile friendly designs - all without any coding knowledge.

Total design freedom

Whether you design in Dreamweaver or like to code by hand, you'll find TouchBasePro's email platform a pleasure to use. Simply import your designs using our one click upload feature and you're ready to go. Creative control is yours.

Designs exactly how you intended

We'll never mess with your designs or content. That's right, we'll never insert unsightly logos or powered by badges into your email designs. Why? Simple. Your emails and marketing are there to grow your business. Not ours.

Designs exactly how you intended

Customise with dynamic content

Customise emails to your subscribers with dynamic content

Personalise the content of your emails for your subscribers with dynamic content. That's right, using our template language, inserting a subscriber's name, or conditionally displaying text, images, or other elements based on custom field values has never been easier.

Perfect emails with mobile ready templates

We want you to be able to reach as many subscribers as possible and deliver a great user experience to them at the same time. That's why all of our templates have been designed to display beautifully on mobile devices and desktops, straight out of the box.

Inspiration on tap

Whether you're a professional designer or a beginner to email marketing, inspiration isn't always easy to come by; we know that. That's why we've collected some truly amazing email campaigns to inspire you. Head over to our email inspiration gallery for some fresh ideas.

Inbox preview

Are you concerned about how your designs will display in different email clients? Don't be. We'll show you previews of how your email design will display in twenty of the most popular email clients, before you send your campaign.

Spam testing

We test every email campaign using popular spam filters at desktop, server, and firewall levels to ensure your emails will arrive at their destination.

A/B split testing

Find out exactly what your subscribers want and get the most out of your campaigns. Easily send variations of your email to a segment of your subscribers to find the most effective email, then send the top performer to the rest.

Realtime changes and browser testing

Tweak your email code and preview the results directly in your browser. You'll never have to re-import a template ever again.

A/B split testing

Re-usable email templates

Our easy-to-learn template language allows you to turn any HTML page into a re-usable template that anyone can populate using our online content editor.

We handle your inline CSS

We'll automatically inline your CSS to ensure your email campaigns display perfectly in email clients including Gmail and Outlook.

Easy-to-use online email content editor

Our online content editor has been designed to be used by anyone directly in their browser. You, or your clients, will find our intuitive user interface a pleasure to use and you'll both be able to update your emails quickly and efficiently.

Automated responses and trickle campaigns

Build and schedule automated welcome messages, birthday greetings and other date-based campaigns quickly and easily.

Cater to any time-zone

Take advantage of our time-zone management tools to ensure that your emails arrive at their destination at a time when they'll be most effective. Scheduling email campaigns based on international time-zones has never been easier.

Cater to any timezone

Amazing deliverability

Amazing deliverability

TouchBasePro proactively manages its reputation, authentication and relationships with ISPs to ensure that your emails come from a credible, reputable source and get delivered as they should.

Free sent email archiving and website integration

By adding a simple line of code to your website you'll be able to provide your subscribers with access to a full archive of your sent campaigns which will update automatically

RSS to email

Automatically send updates to your subscribers every time you update your RSS-enabled blog or content platform.

Super-fast content delivery network

We host all of your campaign images on our servers free of charge and deliver them to your subscribers using our super-fast international CDN to give your target market the best experience of your campaign possible.

ISP feedback loop integration

We've integrated with major ISP feedback loops, including, Yahoo and AOL, to enable us to immediately remove a subscriber who marks your mail as spam. This ensures that you won't damage your reputation by emailing an unhappy subscriber, and you won't violate spam laws.

Super fast content delivery network

Global View Analytics

GlobalView Analytics

Understand your target audience in real-time and gain valuable insights into your subscribers and the effectiveness of your campaigns using our GlobalView analytics. Whenever you send an email campaign we'll provide you with real-time insights on how people are interacting with your campaign. We'll let you know who opened the mail, whether they're forwarding it to their friends, clicking links, or engaging with it on social media platforms. All of this information is displayed on a map, in real-time, and is presented in a beautiful, easy-to-use user interface.

Gauge the success of your designs

Our click overlay reports display directly over your email design - allowing you to identify successful elements and links and spot user behaviour trends in your campaigns and optimise accordingly.

Gauge the success of your designs

Google Analytics Integration

Integrate your email campaigns with your website's Google Analytics to track sales and conversions generated by your email campaign.

Identify your subscribers' email clients

Take the guess work out of email design and debugging. Our email client reports enable you to identify which email clients are used, which will save you time and alleviate the frustration of spam testing.

Unsubscribe and bounce reports

Our unsubscribe and bounce reports do exactly what they say on the box. We provide you with insights on which emails bounced and who unsubscribed from your mailing list. We also handle these issues automatically - either by resending the email or removing the subscriber from your mailing list.

Fantastic Data-Rich Reports

Drill down into your campaign data to find out just about anything about the performance of your campaign. Track opens, clicks, bounces, forwards, unsubscribes and more with our beautiful, professional reports.

Forward to a friend

Let your recipients spread your campaign virally with forward to a friend functionality and we'll track the results for you.

Export Your Data To Excel

We've made it easy for you to export all of your campaign data to Excel spreadsheets, making it easy for you to store your information offline and drill down into your data.

Fantastic Data Rich Reports

One click subscription confirmation

Effortlessly allow your subscribers to confirm their email address with a single click.

One Click Subscriber Upload

One click subscriber upload

Upload your mailing lists from a spreadsheet with just one click.

Fantastic Subscriber snapshots

Get to know your audience with our subscriber snapshots. We'll provide you with information on each subscriber’s activities, location, email clients, and more.

Get more with our preference centre

Allow your subscribers to manage their own subscription preferences with our preference centre and reduce the number of people who unsubscribe from your lists.

Seamless website integration

Our user-friendly form designer makes it easy to build forms that can be added to your website easily.

Segment you subscribers

Segment your subscribers

Our easy to use segmentation tools allow you to clearly define your audiences based on criteria you define to enable you to target your campaigns for maximum effect.

Custom fields

Using our custom fields functionality you can easily store any subscriber information you like and use it to customise your email content for each recipient.

RSS Subscription Tracking

Get realtime updates on new subscriber activity without having to log into your campaign dashboard.

Managed Suppression Lists

We’ll manage all suppression lists unobtrusively in the background so you don't have to. You'll also never send emails to people who unsubscribe or mark your mail as spam, or send emails to addresses that bounce.

Managed Suppresion Lists

Unlimited lists without the hassle

Create as many lists as you need to group your audience to your requirements. We'll take care of the tedious admin and automatically handle new subscribers, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam complaints from behind the scenes.

User journey design freedom

We've designed the TouchBasePro email platform to allow you to easily customise the look and feel of your campaigns’ entire subscribe and unsubscribe process. Your subscribers won't even know we exist.

Subscribe from Facebook

We've developed a fantastic Facebook app for you that allows your fans to subscribe to your lists directly from Facebook. We've even developed a free white label version if you'd like to brand it up. Using it is as simple as installing it.

Subscribe From Facebook

Social Reporting

Our beautiful reports include every Tweet and Facebook like your campaign receives. Using our social reports you'll be able to identify which of your subscribers are talking about you and sharing your content and find out what they're saying too.

Easy social sharing

We've integrated social sharing capabilities directly into our email platform, allowing your users to share your content virally.

Comprehensive API

Are you a developer? Do you have access to a developer? If you answered yes to either question our easy-to-use API allows you to add even more awesomeness to our platform.

Awesome API wrappers

If you're about to get started with working with our API you should grab one of our API wrappers before you get going. Our API wrappers cover the entire API and make creating awesomeness easy.

Great webhooks

Our handy webhooks make it easy to keep your subscribers in sync. You won't have to constantly poll our API checking for updates. Instead, we'll let you know the instant a change has been made.