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Why choose TouchBasePro:

To get and keep subscribers on a mailing list, email newsletters must provide interesting or useful content on a regular basis, this involves a lot of give in order to take.

In order to strike the right strategic balance an email marketer needs in-depth feedback (reporting), as well a reliable and easy to use campaign sending tool. This allows him to profile his subscribers and gauge their interest levels in his newsletter content.


TouchBasePro offers clear concise reporting with extensive drill down ability. This means one can see at a glance how well a campaign has gone, but also zoom in on different aspects, like "opens", "clicks", "deliveries", "bounces" and "subscriber-activity".

This allows one to see in detail how recipients responded to your campaign, see which subscribers showed and interest in different items, and discover reasons behind any failed deliveries.


Correctly handles technical backend of bulk sending. Since message sending is executed from a hosted server, rather than a computer with a public IP address your bulk campaign is not prejudiced by SPAM filters. Emails with temporary delivery problems are retried every 6 hours, for an additional 24 hours, this assists with the overall delivery rate of a campaign. Notification and warning emails are routed to TouchBasePro’s mail servers (Reduce clutter in marketers inbox)

TouchBasePro also incorporates a SPAM testing tool that allows one to predict how your content will rate against the spam filters on receiving mail servers before it is sent. SPAM scores are presented with reasons for bad ratings, so that the marketer can correct issues that may affect deliverability. The SPAM test is integrated with “SPAM-Assassin” a leading SPAM analysis system with frequent updates.

Speed of delivery becomes an important issue with large campaigns. Sending a newsletter to 100,000 recipients can take an entire day on some systems. TouchBasePro sends out the bulk of a campaign of this scale in approximately 1 hour without sacrificing the depth and quality of reporting available. Note: speed is also dependant on the receiving mail server’s load, and the number of retries required; retries continue for up to 24 hours after a campaign is sent.

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