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The impact of sms campaigns:

Communicating to your subscribers through more than one channel can drastically increase the success of your campaign. This helps you to create a larger impression in the clients mind, and allows you to get in contact with the email bound, and cell-phone bound person, all in one go.

A good example of a dual impact campaign is to send email newsletter with an event invitation 1 week before the event. And then send a reminder sms the day before the event that also contains the time and venue details so the person has it with them on their phone when they leave work that day.

TouchBasePro allows you to do this through a single system; you can send an email campaign to your subscribers, and then schedule an SMS campaign to go out the next day, reminding them to take action.

TouchBasePro sms features:

Replies go to an Inbox. When you create your bulk sms campaign you will have the option of allowing replies. Replies to your sms campaign (rsvp's, competition answers, questions, etc.) are summarised for you in a dynamic INBOX on TouchBasePro. You can then correspond further with those subscribers using the inbox to send replies.

Configure from name. Another useful feature on TouchBasePro is the ability to send an sms so that it comes from a word rather than a cell number. So instead of the subscriber receiving an sms from an unknown cell number he will see a new message from "SalesEvent", or from your Companies name.

Custom fields, such as [NAME] can be used in sms messages in the same way as mail merge in an email campaign for personalizing messages.

Pay by usage. TouchBasePro’s packages are based on how many messages are sent per month. Packages work on a sliding scale, so the more you send the more you save. Non-expiring, fully refundable prepaid credits are also available.

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