Managed Service, let us do it for you.

How important is email marketing

Quality email marketing is about owning a direct communication channel that subscribers trust to a point where it can influence their buying decisions. If your business doesn’t have one you are probably dropping a lot of catches and missing out on sales unnecessarily.

In terms of return-on-investment email marketing comes up No.2 compared with all other direct marketing channels [, 2005]. A wide range of small, medium and large enterprises around the world use email marketing to stay "top-of-mind" with their existing client base, and to generate qualified new sales leads.

Getting your audience excited about your business

The TouchBasePro team has the creative and technical expertise to produce email newsletter* solutions that maximise readership and lead to increased revenues.

Sending email newsletters that are badly designed or incorrectly executed can be worse than not sending one at all. You run the chance of damaging your brand identity and leaving your customer with a poor impression of your company.

Most designers and creative agencies are unaware of, or ill equipped to address the technical pitfalls associated with creating and implementing high impact email marketing campaigns.

TouchBasePro has sent out billions of emails since the launch of our email marketing tool. Our team have a thorough understanding of what works, creatively and technically.

TouchBasePro email newsletters produce tangible results:
  • Enhance company image and brand identity
  • Stay top-of-mind with existing clients
  • Generate qualified new sales leads
  • Stretch your marketing budget

* Why it is called an email newsletter? Internet users are smart, and they’re getting smarter by the minute!

In order to get and keep someone on your mailing list your correspondence must provide interesting or useful content on a regular basis. If not then it will be considered junk mail advertising and the recipients will start looking for an unsubscribe link.

Email marketing is like publishing your own newsletter that you distribute to
your subscribers via email. In exchange for providing a great newsletter you get to advertise in it.

Professional email newsletter services by the TouchBasePro's

When making use of our managed service, you get these benefits:

Concept development

We will conceptualise your overall strategy for getting and keeping subscribers. This includes coming up with exciting ideas of what to send and ways to grow your list.
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Idea’s of what to send
  • When to send out your communication
  • How often to send it out
  • Ways to grow and maintain your list

Database Acquisition

We can assist you with getting your client database out of your current systems and acquiring new contacts. This includes profiling your subscribers and segmenting lists for targeted and effective communications.

Note: We do not sell lists. We will help you to gather and organise your contact information, and institute programs to grow your database and acquire new contacts.

Design and creative

Having a design that looks professional and communicates effectively will improve your readership as well overall company profile. We create fresh unique email designs that look great and are technically optimal for bulk distribution and for viewing in a myriad of different email programs.
  • Effective design for compatibility between email programs
  • Unique, personalised design for your brand
  • Creation of a low SPAM score design

Content and copy writing

Your business has a lot more to say that you think. We have the resources to create interesting content for your newsletter as well as high impact sales copy that will effectively promote your products and services.
  • Proof reading
  • Rewording of content and grammar
  • Research and writing of articles


Avoid the technical pitfalls of junk mail folders, spam filters and limited email program display capabilities. Allowing us to send out your campaigns for you ensures that the campaign is tested and sent out properly. We will determine the correct format, timing and delivery strategy for your particular audience.
  • Reduce the possibility of mails going to the junk mail folder

Reporting analysis

We can analyse your reports and provide feedback as to the effectiveness of your campaign and make recommendations for future campaigns. We have the ‘inside scoop’, knowing what is normal and expected when it comes to open rates, click through rates and delivery rates and how to improve these responses.