Getting Started

Does email marketing work:

It most certainly does! It is low cost, has a good response rate, and is relatively easy to execute. In terms of return-on-investment email marketing comes up No.2 compared with all other direct marketing channels [, 2005].

A wide range of small, medium and large enterprises around the world use email marketing to stay "top-of-mind" with their existing client base, and to generate qualified new sales leads.

Why choose TouchBasePro:

You don't have to be a professional designer to use TouchBasePro
. You can select an attractive design from our library of templates, add your logo, type in your message and send your newsletter quickly and easily.

TouchBasePro will guide you step by step in setting up your campaign. The system will ask you for relevant information as it’s needed and allows you to add in your personal touch and style. You can be as fancy and flexible as you like with you newsletter designs or keep it very simple.
You can easily upload and manage several email and sms lists. Opt-outs (unsubscribing from newsletter) are handled automatically by TouchBasePro, and you can generate a plug-in for your website that will automatically handle opt-ins (subscribing to newsletters). You can also set up auto-responders; these are follow-up emails that will go out automatically to people after they are added to your list.

Make it flexible, but keep it simple! TouchBasePro’s more advanced features give you full creative control and allow total customization of your campaigns. You can upload your own email design is a number of different formats (word, html, url).

Pay by usage! TouchBasePro's packages are based on how many messages you send per month, no additional admin or hosting fees. TouchBasePro offers a very competitive wholesale pricing structure, which works on a sliding scale, so the more you send the more you save.

TouchBasePro is the no nonsense D.I.Y. email marketing tool, that allows you to easily create and distribute newsletters and marketing communications to your client base … It just works!

How do I get started:

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