Reporting and analytics...

Big picture and drill down

Gauge the impact of your campaign in real time from an attractive, easy to understand snapshot view. Drill down into the details and see delivered, received, replied or unsubscribed; see who bounced and why. All reporting data can be exported to CSV or automatically delivered back to your in-house systems.

Replies go to an inbox

Replies from subscribers are collected to an inbox on your campaign report. You can reply individually or export the replies for post processing.

STOP to unsubscribe

If subscribers reply with STOP or bounce repeatedly their number is unsubscribed from future sends.

Spot trends

Compare delivery, bounces, unsubscribes across multiple campaigns.

Whitelabel reports

Publish reports to your own rebrandable domain.

Create & send your SMS campaign...

Fast, reliable delivery

Reliable routing and handover to mobile network operators from SMS’s within the same country.

Segmentation and targeting

Select which lists and segments your campaign will be delivered to. Create a website plug-in to add sign-ups to specific lists based on their actions or interests. Segment your lists based on custom data you have, or collected reporting data including clicks, opens and geographic location data.

Control delivery times

Automatically restrict sending to reasonable hour of the day so that you do not annoy recipients.


Use your subscriber's name, or other details in your mailer or subject line

Advance scheduling

Send immediately, or schedule delivery at a future date and time according a time zone you select.

Send to any country

If you don’t see the country you need, ask us, we’ll add it.

Advanced features and API...

Advanced SMS system

Our advanced SMS system gives you the ability to do the following:

  • Create SMS Shortcodes and trigger responses based on keywords
  • Set up premium rated SMS Shortcodes and earn money when consumers SMS your code
  • Use our SMS Gateway to SMS enable any application
  • Upload high volume messaging dispatches via FTP
  • Send Bulk SMS from your desktop or Outlook

Read more about advanced features.

API for integration with your current systems

If you are a developer, or you have one in your company, you can use our API to synchronise your website, e-commerce shopping cart, CRM or call centre systems to your lists on TouchBasePro using simple XML SOAP queries. If you don’t have a developer we can build this for you, contact for assistance.

Scheduled exports of reporting data

You can request scheduled exports of reporting data X days after a campaign has been delivered and receive these via email according to your specification. This is very handy for synchronising your SMS campaign data to your current accounting and customer relationship management systems.

Resell, refer, earn money...

100% Rebrandable on your own domain

TouchBasePro is available as a private whitelabel solution. Rebrand it with your own design, Logo, colours, icons and domain name. Use our software and infrastructure and sell this service as your own product.

TouchBasePro is not mentioned even in the billing process. Set your own pricing on a per client basis. As a partner you will receive massively discounted rates depending on the monthly volume you send in total. The profit you make is yours to keep.

Request a rebranded version of TouchBasePro to sell as your own product hosted on your own domain, contact