How do I create my Subscriber Lists?

Adding you subscriber’s information couldn’t be easier. TouchBasePro allows you to either upload an Excel database or type directly onto the system. Add in additional customizable fields and store the information that you require about your subscribers

TouchBasePro allows you to keep a close connection with your clients, allowing you to automatically communicate with them when they either add themselves to your list, or when they leave your list. This is a great way of having a personal email sent to the subscriber.

You are able to add website plug-ins and configure TouchBasePro in such a way that your clients will never know about us. Great way to make you and your company look fantastic to your clients!

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"Without TouchBasePro we will not be able to deliver the service that our customers expect from us. It is so easy to use and feature rich. Thank you to the TouchBasePro Team..."

Dale Cook
Promo Digital Catalogue
KZN, South Africa


 Feature list for your Subscriber Tools

Ability to have multiple clients with multiple lists for each client    
Four different subscriber status options    
Upload list from CSV and / or Excel File    
Create custom fields for each list    
Create custom fields when uploading list    
Type in subscribers  
Ability to have a single or double opt in list   -
Edit individual subscribers  
Manually remove subscribers  
Set opt-in from name and email address   -
Send a welcome message   -
Send a goodbye message   -
Create segments based on subscriber details or activity   -
Set the maximum bounce count before an auto-unsubscribe  
Ability to reset the bounce count on a successful delivery  
Set the amount to add for each bounce that occurs.  
Ability to set a custom opt-in confirm webpage   -
Ability to set a custom goodbye page when a unsubscribe occurs   -
Website subscribe plug-in   -
Website unsubscribe plug-in   -
Export subscribers to a CSV File