How do I send my campaigns?

TouchBasePro will guide you step by step in setting up your campaign. The system will ask you for relevant information as it's needed but allows you to add in your personal touch and style.

Our state of the art system automatically saves your work each step of the way allowing you to return and carry on where you left off. Seeing the final product before you send it out is easy with TouchBasePro.

Plan ahead, TouchBasePro allows you to schedule your campaign for a future date. You can preset your recipient's respective time zones. Upon request we will even notify you once your campaign has been successfully completed.

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"What attracted me to TouchBasePro was that I could try it out for free and even use it on a pay-for-use basis without monthly contracts and commitments until it had proven itself"

Ronel Pieterse
Owner and Manager
Forest Edge, Nature Lover's Retreat
Knysna, South Africa


 Feature list for sending your campaigns

Ability to schedule a campaign delivery time relative to a specified time zone    
Save campaigns as drafts    
Re-send or load up drafts    
Quickly view past campaigns and reports through the quick start    
View pending and saved campaigns    
Custom display name and email address   -
Custom reply email address   -
Custom fields in subject of email   -
Ability to have images included in the body of the email, or downloaded from the server   -
Request a read receipt from your campaigns recipients   -
Ability to set the campaign format to text, html or both   -
Upload a ZIP file with your newsletter content   -
Point us to a website location where you have already placed your campaign.   -
Add custom unsubscribe links in email body   -
Add custom send to a friend links in email body   -
Auto import plain text content from email content   -
Custom field processing in plain text and HTML content   -
Fall back plain text formatting in the event that data is missing    
Plain text width recommendations    
Ability to add normal attachments to email   -
Send test messages before sending campaign    
Test campaigns SPAM score rating before sending.   -
Send campaign to multiple subscriber lists and segments    
Type subscribers in during the creation of your campaign    
Ability to have an Email notification sent when campaign has completed sending.    
Send to less than 10 recipients for free   -
Copy and resend a past campaign    
Obtain replies from your sms campaign -  
Set delivery time bounds, E.G: not before 7:00 AM and not after 8:00 PM relative to a specified time zone. -