A message from our CEO Greg Phillips

I would like to welcome you to our site, and our company. We strive to provide the best Email and SMS campaign service in the world, and that’s no small statement. That’s our goal! I hope you enjoy the way we work, and the way our system works.

As always, if you need to contact us our company details are listed below. Though if you would like to speak to me directly, please feel free to contact me. You can contact me on the phone number listed below or via email.

If you have not registered yet, go for it! It’s free and you can test-drive TouchBasePro without spending a single cent with us.

Warm Regards

Greg Phillips
CEO . B.Sc Hons Comp Sci

"Think of it as a conversation with your clients ... all of them at once."
Sound overwhelming? Don't worry, TouchBasePro makes it easy.

About TouchBasePro

Our clients (that’s you), are busy. You’re building and growing your business, we know what that’s like.

Electronic bulk messaging is a big part of any modern marketing campaign, and should be the easiest and most cost effective way to broadcast your message out to the world; improving sales of your products; and maintaining contact with your customers and potential customers.

Your time and resources should be spent strategising and implementing your direct marketing campaigns, to generate qualified leads for your sales guys to close. You shouldn’t have to waste administration time trying to figure out bulk email marketing and SMS campaign tools. Understanding mass email marketing campaign software, that’s our job.

The development team at TouchBasePro has spared no effort to remove the hurdles, drop the jargon, and simplify all the stuff that you need to do. To bring you what we believe you really want…

A user friendly internet message distribution service that just works!

A little history:

TouchBasePro was created and is run by
Flock Software Creation; this version of TouchBasePro is the second version. Originally TouchBasePro was built in 2004 and the first version ran for three years with minor updates being done. During 2006 we decided it was time for a major upgrade, and thus the version similar to what you see now (which was released mid 2007).

We then grew for a few years and added a ton of features. After which we rebranded and did some house keeping. This is the version you see now.

We loved creating it, and we love running it, it’s a passion!

Company Address:
57 Buckingham Ave
Craighall Park
South Africa

Contact Details:
Tel: +27 11 447 9716
Tel: +44 20 3582 2982
Fax: +27 11 507 5813
Email: support@touchbasepro.com
Client Testimonial
"TouchBasePros is a wonderful utility that allows me to optimize my CRM strategies for my clients. I am able to manage detailed information about individual customers and carefully manage customer touch points in order to maximize customer loyalty. By carefully channeling my campaigns I am able to use the TouchBasePros system not only as an information tool but also as a structured MIS system. I enjoy the fact that I am able to personalize my campaigns and the reporting structure allows for in depth feedback that I may present to my clients."

- Rory Brien
JHB South Africa